#NEWMUSIC Candy Coated Killahz - NEON BLACK

A friend put me on this and it GOES HARD!! The Groups called Candy Coated Killahz & they have some big named DJs on the EP download it here

#DESIGN Rock Royalty's $85,000 Custom Diamond & Alligator Guitar

Sick Custom One-of-a-Kind Guitar with Alligator Skin, Diamonds and Sterling Silver going for $85,000 from the Nashville-based luxury design house Rock Royalty

#WTF Only if all Robbers had such Manners haha

I dont think he wouldve used the gun haha but better safe than sorry

#DJ Skee – Superbowl XLV SKEETOX Remix Edition featuring Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg

Get the mix from here!! here!

#XXGirl: Justene Jaro

XXGirl of the Day: Justene Jaro
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#VIDEOS: Jordan Brand “Dominate Another Day: Rocket Shoes”


A new tablet that allows you to jot down notes and save them digitally.  Would come in handy in a college/university setting.
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